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                    • IPX1~IPX9淋雨試驗箱各ip等級簡介








                      The specified water test chamber allows the customer to do tests in accordance to the international standard IEC 529. It allows also testing in accordance to ISO 20653 und DIN 40050 –part 9. Specifically tests are according to DIN 40050, Part 9, table 4 "Degrees of protection against ingress of water" and also the standards DIN 60529 and EN 60598-1


                      該淋雨測試試驗箱允許用戶完成IEC 529標準試驗。也允許根據ISO 20653DIN 40050-9部分標準試驗。特別適用于DIN 40050, 9部分, 4節“依靠水浸入的防護 等級”和標準DIN 60529 及 EN 60598-1。




                      IP X1 = Dripping water

                      IP X2 = Dripping water when tilted up to 15°

                      IP X3 = Spraying water at any angle up to 60°

                      IP X4 = Splashing water

                      IP X4K = splash water with increased

                      IP X5 = Water jets

                      IP X6 = Powerful water jets

                      IP X6K = strong high-velocity water

                      IP X7 = Can be resistant immersion in a short period of time (1m)

                      IP X8 = Under a certain pressure for a long time immersion

                      IPX9K = High-pressure water jets


                      IP X1 = 滴水

                      IP X2 = 滴水當傾斜到15°時

                      IP X3 = 水噴霧在任意60°角度內

                      IP X4 = 水噴灑

                      IP X4K = 增壓濺水

                      IP X5 = 水射流

                      IP X6 = 強力水射流

                      IP X6K = 增壓沖水

                      IP X7 = 可于短時間內耐浸水(1m)

                      IP X8 = 于一定壓力下長時間浸水

                      IPX9K = 高壓水沖擊